A new generation of vibration motors

The GeniusDrivePlus Motor!

The GeniusDrivePlus motors can tell you how your screening machines are doing right now!

But how?

Each GeniusDrivePlus motor is equipped with a micro controller that continuously register and file all vibration relevant data and make an output on demand.

These data can be read through an app or through the Connector, depending on preference. The data is visualized on our web frontend my.geniusdrive.de or directly at the Connector.


If you are in close proximity (up to. 15 m) to the motor the integrated database of the smartphone app will instantly provide you with access to all currently as well as historical motor data. Via an internet connection you will receive alerts and other helpful information in case the motor is outside it‘s usual parameters.


The Connector is installed in close proximity (up to. 15 m) to the motor. A wireless connection enables a parallel monitoring of up to 6 motors. The Connector does not only visualizes the data, but provides also them in various formats to superordinate process control systems.


The portal my.geniusdrive.de allows you to continuously monitor the data of all GeniusDrive motors at a single location even from out- side the production area. All relevant data, including lubrication intervals, are accessible through the internet with ordinary webbrowsers.

Rely on long-life vibration motors!

All key components of the GeniusDrive are made in Germany: The stator and its specialized, energy saving winding, the rotor, and of course the bearings. Each vibration motor we produce undergoes a trial run at full load before (even) leaving our construction premises.

The bearings we use are enlarged, specialised cylinder roller bearings made in Germany, with a convex shaped inner ring. This special feature reduces the edge pressure of the bearing wich results from the bending of the motor shaft by the unbalance weights, thereby increasing the life of the bearings. The bearings are lubricated with our own highly temperature resistant grease, GeniusGrease B3.

  • All bearings have increased clearance and receive a heat treatment which gives them dimensional stability until 150°C.
  • Bearings are thoroughly lubricated before leaving the premises. Under difficult operating conditions or in case of continous operation we recommend relubrication.
  • Our bearing cages are made of reinforced polyamide (PA) for temperatures up to 155 °C (insulation class F). The bearings receive fresh lubrication from external grease nipples. Surplus grease is pushed outside and provides an additional barrier towards entering dirt particles.






Voltage: 115 V to 690 V (three-phase voltage)
Power frequency: 50 Hz & 60 Hz
Polarity: 4 poles / 6 poles / 8 poles


IP66 according to IEC529, EN 60529


- 20 °C to + 40 °C
Higher temperatures upon request


Standard: Class F (up to 155 °C)
On request: Class H (up to 180 °C)




Double primer
2K PUR top coat in the color RAL 7016
Total coating thickness: 160 µm

GeniusDrive Plus Motor 4-polig - 1

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