Do you know how your vibration motors are doing?

With the GeniusDrivePlus® motor, you will know and prevent production downtime.

A new generation of vibration motors

What actually makes our vibration motors so durable? All major components of the GeniusDrive are made in Germany: The stator with its special, energy-saving windings, the rotor and of course the bearings. Every vibration motor from our production strictly undergoes a test run under full load before it leaves production.

We use large-dimensioned, special cylindrical roller bearings made in Germany, with a convex machined inner ring. This special feature prevents edge pressure on the bearing edges, which is caused by the deformation of the motor shaft due to the unbalance weights, and thus extends the service life of the bearings.

All bearings have an increased internal clearance and receive heat treatment in order to guarantee dimensional stability up to 150 °C.



  • The bearings are extensively greased ex works with a special bearing grease. Re-greasing of the bearings is recommended only under difficult conditions and in the case of continuous operation.
  • The robust cast iron housings are equipped with large cooling ribs for better heat dissipation.
  • The weight covers are generally deep-drawn from stainless steel (1.4301) and are sealed with embedded O-rings.
  • The interior of the motor is protected against moisture and dust by two independent sealing rings; the bearings are sealed to the outside by grease lubricated gap seals.
  • To protect the winding mechanically against vibrations, it is completely impregnated twice with a special resin.
  • Variable-frequency drive (VFD) operation of the motor is possible without any problems as the windings are equipped with phase insulation.


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